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Bachillerato of Language

Bachillerato of Investigation and Excellence

What is the Bachillerato of Excellence in languages?

It´s a great academic opportunity for high school students studying in the Bachillerato program.  This opportunity is available to students in all types of Bachillerato: Humanities, Social Studies and Science.  In this program, you have the opportunity to reach a high level in several different languages, and the chance to achieve the B2 level in English on the Common European Framework for Languages.

Students will have English, French and German classes.  Additionally, they will be trained in the Language Laboratory at the Faculty of Translation at University of Valladolid, Soria Campus.

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What subjects are studied? How many hours?

The BIE Program consists of 34 hours every week. The program includes 5 weekly hours of English, 3 of French, and 2 of German language and culture

2 out of the 5 English classes are taught in our High School, by a teacher who belongs to the Official School of languages (EOI Soria).  A BIE student studies to obtain the Bachillerato qualification and is trained to take the 2º B2 level exam in English.  In June they can take the exam which will allow them to obtain a B2 level in English, as they are in fact students of the Official School of Languages.

Additionally, the Bachillerato subject Science of the Contemporary World is taught in English.

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What activities are provided at the university?

The BIE (Bachillerato of Languages) includes a program of practice in the Language Laboratory of the Faculty of Translation of Valladolid University. These practice activities are developed throughout the year, every two or three weeks, in close collaboration between the teaching staff of IES Virgen del Espino and the Faculty of Translation.  The development of the scheduled activities is carried out by the teaching staff of the university.

In year 2 of Bachillerato, a research project is included.  This project has to be done in one of the three languages offered in the BIE Bachillerato program.

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